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Click, Click, and Done: Lightning-Fast
Appointments with VEACT 2-Click

Two clicks, and the appointment is made. That’s how easy and fast online appointments work these days. So-called “deep links” embedded in your emails enable prefilled appointment forms containing all customer and vehicle data. All your customer has to do is pick a date.

Instant Appointments

Sophisticated cross-linking of customer, vehicle, price, and appointment data makes it possible – with just two clicks. Making an appointment turns into a customer experience. Simple, fast, and straightforward.


Simple is possible, after all. Linking data to so-called “deep links” allows VEACT 2-Click to relieve the customer of onerous typing work. The form already contains all important data. Choose a date, send it off – done.


VEACT 2-Click can be useful in almost any capacity: along with service reminders in your next mailer or in combination with QR codes for nearly all print media.

How VEACT 2-Click Generates More Online Bookings

VEACT 2-Click clears the fastest route from email to appointment. VEACT 2-Click is available for all campaigns that VEACT sends out for you via email. One click from email to prefilled form containing vehicle and customer data, another to send the desired date and completed form out.

Your demand-driven mailers offer real additional value to the customer. Online appointment bookings increase.

Please note: 2-Click is only available for campaigns sent out via email by VEACT on your behalf.

Requirements: Prices of the service package are available via SRP.MM-Next or posted as standard pricing. The service package can be found in the online appointment scheduler as a payable service.

Currently, we offer 2-Click exclusively to BMW AMP customers.

2 Clicks to Book

The customer experience is simply better. Your customers don’t have to spend valuable time searching, typing, or making phone calls in order to get from an email to an appointment. The result: happy and loyal customers.

Dropout Rate 40% Down

The fast, straightforward, and easy process increases response rates. It’s a simple calculation: more appointments, more revenue, and happy customers as a cherry on top.

21% More Appointments

The communication is dialed in. The distance between promotion and customer appointment has shrunk to a minimum. Through personalized links or QR codes, making contact goes over smoothly. Customers get quick appointments, regardless of whether they’ve been contacted via email or print materials.

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2-Click Starting at €30.00 per Month

> Request a 2-Click quote today and take advantage of faster appointments with only two clicks.

Installation and license fees apply and depend on number of contractual partners and locations. All relevant information is included in a non-binding quote.

– Supported DMS
– Soft-nrg scheduling
– Prices can be viewed through the interface
– BMW AMP customer
How many contractual partners do you work with in your organization? At how many locations would you like 2-Click to be available?

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