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Data Management: Hidden Treasures

Every car dealership holds customer data. Whether it becomes a collection of gems or ends up lying fallow depends on whether or not someone can and knows how to utilize it effectively. Experts explain what matters.

Data is said to be the gold of the digital age. Unlike gold, however, data has no “as is” value. Customer data can only be of use when it is current and the customer has agreed to its usage by an organization. This is often still a problem in the automobile industry. “At the moment, only 50 to 60 percent of existing customer data can be truly used,” Philipp Posselt says, CEO at software company VEACT. “A large portion lingers idly.” Even when prerequisites are met, much potential remains untapped as auto businesses don’t utilize their data effectively. Important questions and answers. Auto industry subscribers can read the complete article of 09/05/2020 by Yvonne Simon here.

You would like to know what treasures can be found in your data? Talk to us. We’ll help you unearth the full potential of your data. Your customer service agent is happy to have a conversation. Or simply email us at info@veact.com.

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