07/21/2021 / Uncategorized

Intelligent Car Sales Marketing: the VEACT Marketing Cloud

In tandem with the campaign manager, the VEACT Marketing Cloud forms the heart of the VEACT system. The campaign manager functions as a web-based machine learning system. With the help of artificial intelligence on the basis of customer data, it creates a prognostic campaign, in the process of which the system learns and optimizes itself. It literally improves constantly and automatically. With a click of a button, car dealership associates receive an offer for a campaign tailored to their needs and specific circumstance. Several certified external marketing service providers are tied to the campaign manager, such as call centers, printers, out-of-home advertising, and email services.

This is where the VEACT Marketing Cloud comes into play. The car dealership uses it to direct and control all advertising media and channels. VEACT acts strictly as a neutral service provider here. Based on invoice data, the cloud recognizes which channels show the most advantageous cost benefit ratio. Performance data is added to the offer, as are CRM customer details and upcoming appointments. Out of a flood of data, cloud and manager distil the most promising proposals. The system chooses from a multitude of proven and innovative modules: from a simple tire campaign to the Connected Car Module to AI-supported telephony.

The result for participating dealerships: full utilization of the performance that modern data-based marketing can deliver.

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