07/21/2021 / Uncategorized

VEACT Guides Customers Through the Covid Phase

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented car dealerships with particular challenges. Only high flexibility and fast turnaround can ensure smooth communication and scheduling. When communication fails, consequences can be severe: customers that don’t know whether you are open or not, scheduled appointments that are not kept, frustrated customers, who end up in front of closed doors. Any of these scenarios creates considerable waste of time and energy and produces, not least of all, dissatisfied customers. VEACT met the challenge and put together a “Corona Care Package.” For car dealerships, the best communication parameters for any contingency are already in place, which has allowed us to support the industry in these uncertain times. Thanks to prepared mailers and messages, dealerships save valuable time and expenses. Customer communication has simply continued on. Employees can rely on the system and turn their attention to other matters.

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