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The VEACT Customer Matching

Lead Detector

Customer Match is like our truffle nose. It reliably detects customers, who have not received assistance from their team in a while. The VEACT MarketingCloud’s innovative customer database analysis takes a fast and straightforward approach to finding leads that can be utilized to resume relations.

Opportunity Generator

Needs can be met more easily when you know what they are. VEACT Customer Match feeds demand-driven and prequalified leads to your sales staff. In other words, your sales force can serve customers’ individual needs directly. Sales potential increases immediately and significantly.

Data Qualifier

Only current data is truly useful. VEACT Customer Match is your data maintenance assistant. Customer Match updates contact info and email addresses and reintroduces the data into your regular consulting cycle, including optimal new car sales periods.

How VEACT Customer Match Finds New Sales Opportunities

First and foremost: eyes wide open. We inspect your customer database in detail. The VEACT MarketingCloud analyzes customer profiles and their applicable characteristics automatically in a process that yields a high-precision gauge of new car sales potential.

In a second step, customers deemed most likely ready for a vehicle change will be contacted by phone. Upon request, the new lead is sent an email laying out monthly cost over three years calculated based on value decrease and expected service expenses according to DAT.

Simultaneously, your customer data is updated with the latest information and optimal new car sales periods. The contact has now been reactivated and is handed over to your sales team by VEACT. Equipped with valuable background information, your sales associate can target individual customers with a customized offer already tailored to what they are looking for.


10% Lead Conversion

Success is borne of precision. Closely targeted data selection increases your closing ratio. Waste is avoided. Prequalifying leads unburdens sales associates and saves resources. Proper address maintenance economizes marketing costs speedily and lastingly.


5% Fewer Holding Days

An individual benefit calculation gives the customer free information on their current vehicle’s value decrease and service costs. Customers usually cannot estimate these expenses on their own, which is why this service makes a real difference. They receive a transparent overview of the true cost of a new car.


20% Reactivation Rate

Forgetting Customers means fewer sales. VEACT Customer Match focuses on customers without a projected new car sales period. These potential buyers often drop out of the consulting cycle. The risk of customer outflow is high. Customer Match data helps identify promising sales periods. Customers can be targeted individually with a customized offer already tailored to their needs.

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Customer Match

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