BMW Referenz

Quick Appointments for BMW Cloppenburg

Key Facts

The Flash Date widget is like a digital tuning for appointment booking systems. Extremely compact, user-friendly, and dynamic, the tool directly integrates into your website. It works with all major scheduling systems and significantly reduces time and effort. In short – especially when it comes to booking appointments for the Big Three, tire change, HU/AU, and inspection, repair shops are noticeably relieved. The widget is the ideal solution to manage online appointments.

The Challenge

Customers neither like waiting nor having to look for things. At BMW Cloppenburg, customers wanted quick appointments they could make online without having to endlessly navigate the website. As is the case with many car dealerships, this option was not easily available, which resulted in overworked phones and coworkers during busy periods like the tire season. The Flash Date widget offered BMW Cloppenburg an effective solution and has since been on the job with much success.

The Solution

The Flash Date widget was integrated into the BMW Cloppenburg website with high visibly. It moves with the customer across the website and stays within the visitor’s field of vision. Customers can book appointments conveniently and at any time.

“With Flash Date, our customers’ entry into booking appointments online has been significantly simplified and economized. It has led to markedly increased use of the online booking option.”

Michael Bidenharn, Matrix Head of Aftersales, Cloppenburg Gruppe