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The Connector for Your Data:
The VEACT DataHub

With our VEACT DataHub, we connect the data flow between your dealership systems (e.g. DMS) and a constantly growing number of innovative apps from our partners for fast, easy and secure access to the relevant dealership data. The data queries are tailored specifically to the needs of the dealership and the respective app.

Saves Time and Money

Not every application is compatible with every dealership’s database. The DataHub eliminates the need to program a separate interface for many industry-relevant applications. This saves time and money.

Data Security

Data transmission via the DataHub is not only a secure transmission path – you can also use the DataHub to specify exactly which data the respective application can retrieve. It then only has access to this information and no other customer or company data. Of course, you can also stop data access at any time.

Maximum Flexibility

Always book exactly the applications you need. Since there are so many partner applications that can run via the DataHub, you are flexible in your choice of partners and do not have to consider an interface change every time you switch.

When the Plug Does Not Fit Into the Socket

There are many great applications to support car dealerships. However, the interface often does not fit to the own database and having an additional interface programmed specifically for one application is often very costly.

This is where the VEACT DataHub comes into play. Just like an adapter that you can use to connect your device to the socket when traveling abroad, the VEACT DataHub enables data to flow between your systems (e.g. DMS) and the apps of our partners. Via a “Dealer Data Key” our partner apps get secure access to the dealers’ customer data. The data queries are specifically tailored to the needs of the dealer and the respective app.

CitNOW Partner von VEACT


An app-based platform that covers every stage of the customer journey, providing your customers with a more transparent and simple car buying and ownership experience.
Fleetback Partner von VEACT


Smart solution to record unforeseen extra work during repairs and service appointments via video documentation and offer accessories to customers in form of pictures and videos.
mobilapp Partner von VEACT


mobilApp serves as an app toolbox for your car dealership that offers numerous modules. You can choose the scope, visual design and degree of interaction with your customers.
SmartLoyalty Partner von VEACT


Through efficient and individualized customer loyalty systems as well as innovative marketing ideas, you can increase the loyalty of your existing clients and acquire new customers.
PlanIT Partner von VEACT

Plan IT

Digital scheduling solution for workshop appointments that can be integrated on websites or promotional materials. It is directly connected to the workshop planning system.
Xolvis Partner von VEACT


Digitization of the entire customer interaction via an online booking tool that uses photos and videos to document all processes and immediately informs about changes.
efleetcon Partner von VEACT


Soft- and hardware solutions for all aspects of tire management, such as mobile recording of wheel data or tire logistics during the wheel change season.
viserto Partner von VEACT


Creating professional videos of products and services is easy and intuitive. Additional information like checklists and product details are included.
easirnow Partner von VEACT


EASI’R Now offers state-of-the-art functions for processing online or call leads. The tool significantly simplifies all daily processes for sales staff.
autocrm Partner von VEACT


Lead management and controlling system for use in car dealerships. autocrm optimises processes in the dealership and allows for timely recognition of developments and trends.
Autohauskenner ein Kunde von VEACT


This fully automated tool allows dealers to ask their customers about their satisfaction with the dealership’s performance and invite them to rate the dealership on Autohauskenner and Google.

Happy Customers

Many applications make it easier for customers to book your services and thereby help to improve the service experience. The connection and usage of customer, vehicle, price and appointment data creates an exceptional customer experience that increases sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Happy Employees

The applications that can run via the DataHub make your employees’ work easier. This not only has a positive effect on the working time that goes into each process, but also on employee satisfaction. The satisfaction from getting a lot done and receiving positive feedback from customers ensures high employee motivation.

Happy Bosses

The cost of manual labor is immense in relation to digitally supported work, and this difference will become ever greater. But those who take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization will also be able to compete in the future. Enjoy happy customers, happy employees and your own happiness.

Order DataHub Key
DataHub Key Starting at €20.00 Monthly

Order your DataHub Key now and unleash the power of your data right away.

Installation and license fees apply and depend on number of users and locations. If you are not yet a VEACT customer, please contact our sales team.

Here is a selection of DMSs that are supported by our DataHub. Your DMS is not listed? Contact us!
cidcar ein Kunde von VEACT
incadea ein Kunde von VEACT
werwiso ein Kunde von VEACT
Freicon ein Kunde von VEACT
Porsche Informatik ein Kunde von VEACT
care ein Kunde von VEACT
ZLS ein Kunde von VEACT
Motiondata ein Kunde von VEACT
BME ein Kunde von VEACT
Loco Soft ein Kunde von VEACT
CDK ein Kunde von VEACT
Cardis Reynolds ein Kunde von VEACT