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Spare Your Nerves: Book Appointments Fast -
Directly on Your Website

VEACT’s Flash Date widget saves your team’s and customers’ time and nerves. An additional element on your website enables your customers to book appointments easily and quickly. The element also allows for seasonal CTAs.

Quick Clicker

Less clicking, less typing, more booking. With the Flash Date widget, a few clicks replace endless forms and onerous phone calls. Your appointment is set in record time. The widget is integrated directly into your website. From there, all that’s left to do is: click, click, set date.

Compatibility Miracle

Even the best tool is useless, if it doesn’t correspond with your system. The Flash Date widget is compatible with all major online booking systems.

All Needs Met

The best solutions adapt to your needs, not the other way around. The widget can be adjusted to your website and system. Individual options can be enabled. Ask us to show you how all your needs can be met.

How the Flash Date Widget Excites Coworkers and Customers

Looking for appointments can be exhausting. Both, customers and employees know that. The Flash Date widget offers an ideal solution. It integrates into all major online booking systems. Customers book their appointments with just a few clicks and the widget seamlessly adapts to your website in three sizes.

Together, we identify the ideal setup for your Flash Date widget. Where to start? From the “floating button” to the classic call to action – anything is possible. Then we install your booking system to hit the ground running as part of your repair shop planning.

An additional element pops up directly on your website and alerts customers to the online booking option. The element can be installed in different sizes and by season. Symbols for tire changes, HU/AU, for example, or a simple repair shop icon, are some of the options at your disposal. Customers are then guided to the desired date in just a few steps and book it directly into your system.

60 Seconds to Your Appointment

The Big Three require car service providers to dedicate a lot of time and energy to scheduling appointments. Making appointments for HU/AU, tire change, and inspection ties your employees to the phone. The Flash Date widget makes it easy for you and your customers. The booking process is fast and easy without any major additional changes needed on your website.

€10 Cost Reduction per Customer

all processes were simplified and economized. The goal? Reliable appointments in record time done with minimal staff involvement. Each customer that books their own appointment online is a plus for your business.

Up to 13% Increase in Online Appointments

The easy and time-saving process makes customers happy. Long and cumbersome navigation through countless pages and forms is a thing of the past, as is exhausting phone scheduling. With just a few clicks, the desired date is locked in. It couldn’t be simpler!

Request Individual Offer

The MINI, MIDI, or MAXI Widget Starting at €74.00 per Month

Request your Flash Date offer and take advantage of quick appointments made directly through your website. You can choose, both, content and size of the widget. It will be directly integrated into your website.

Installation and license fees apply and depend on number of locations. All relevant information is included in a non-binding quote. Requirements:
– Supported DMS

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