More online bookings for the BMW branch in Hamburg

Key Facts

VEACT 2-Click works like your email campaign’s gas pedal, as it does in BMW’s Hamburg branch. Embedded email deep links lead to personalized landing pages where BMW’s Hamburg customers find a prefilled appointment form. The VEACT DataHub provides vehicle data. Even the service price can be customized. Customers only have to pick a date and send the form. Appointments made fast, hassle-free, and extremely easy.

The Challenge

Many of BMW’s Hamburg customers found the online appointment process too complicated, which resulted in low online activity, while phones and employees were maxed out. The solution? A system that radically simplifies appointment booking: VEACT 2-Click.

The Solution

VEACT 2-Click guides customers from email to online appointment in two easy steps. Customers literally only have to click twice. The call to action is supplemented by personalized deep links, from which the customer is sent to a page with an already filled in form containing unique customer and vehicle data. Prices are individually calculated by customer. Pick a date, send, done. Radical simplification generates more online bookings and allows direct calls to action perfectly integrated into demand-driven communication.

“2-Click allows our customers to book online appointments with two quick and easy steps. Thanks to 2-Click, we were able to increase our online booking rate significantly.”

Simone Petschull, BMW Branch Hamburg