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Our digital multitool:
The VEACT Marketing Cloud

The VEACT Marketing Cloud is a true multi-talent. Based on a data-based customer data analysis, she creates an individual marketing plan for your dealership. The bottom line: The cloud then suggests the measures and tools that promise the greatest success for you.


The VEACT Marketing Cloud offers a complete end-to-end process, from customer analysis to choosing the right planning and implementation tools, all the way to campaign quality control. VEACT optimizes each of your processes and activities.

Optimizing Data

The VEACT Marketing Cloud improves your customers’ data significantly. Per commission, VEACT obtains your clients’ privacy policy agreement for digital applications, which allows you to enhance data quality with each application. Better data makes for more successful campaigns.

Unearthing Potential

The VEACT Marketing Cloud finds new opportunities on your behalf. The software analyzes customer loyalty and value based on your billing archive. It identifies partial loyalty and suggests tools to tease out and maximize hidden potential effectively.

How the VEACT Marketing Cloud Digitizes Sales and Aftersales

The VEACT Marketing Cloud allows you to utilize the entire potential of modern, data-based marketing. Through an innovative customer data analysis, the Cloud creates customized marketing plans for your dealership or repair shop. You can choose from multiple modules and effective tools. From simple tire campaigns to the Connected Car to AI-supported telephony – nothing is out of reach. That includes, of course, dedicated human support by the experienced VEACT marketing consultants team when you go to pick the right tools for your business. The result? An increase in your customer response rate. Workload and expenses decrease and you can celebrate sales and aftersales achievements.

Data-Driven Marketing

The VEACT Marketing Cloud acts as a digital campaign manager. Your team can survey available campaigns and receives detailed campaign plans and suggestions for promising activations. Sample materials (depending on brand) are included..

27% Return Rate Increase

The VEACT Marketing Cloud offers a comprehensive performance and efficacy analysis. Campaigns are assessed, customers analyzed, cost optimized, and gains calculated in hard numbers (revenue per customer).

Workload Reduction

The VEACT Marketing Cloud relieves you and your entire team. With the Cloud, your campaign rollout rests safely in VEACT’s hands. Capacities are freed up and your team can focus on other important tasks.