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The Memory Master on the Phone Line: OnCall.
Test Now Free for 4 Weeks!

Test now free for 4 weeks! You can test the product free of cost for four weeks right now. Secure your trial here.

Winning Numbers

Customers want to feel understood. An employee with the customer profile in front of their eyes will do better. No need to start looking for or request vehicle data. Your consultant can focus on what the customer needs, stress-free. The phone conversation is bound to become a success.

Customer Whisperer

OnCall almost transforms your employees into psychics, customer whisperers in the very least. They can give their full attention to the individual and focus on the customer’s needs while confidently and competently being proactive on their behalf.

Time Saver

OnCall gets to the point. Your employees provide your customers with the right information at the right time. Conversations actually help the customer. Familiarity, trust, and revenue progress on an upward curve.

Using On Call

On Call works with your employees when they are on the phone. The caller is identified by phone number. Your coworker has immediate access to important customer data in the VEACT DataHub. Name, vehicle details, and the complete customer contact history all in one place. The information affects the quality of the conversation. Service consultants can respond to customers directly and within a relationship context, without having to scramble to find missing information. At the same time, On Call has a positive effect on data maintenance. The way it functions is simple: The phone rings, a well-organized pop-up window opens promptly, displaying the customer data available in the DataHub, and the conversation can proceed. Your coworker can commit to the exchange without hectically having to look for information. ZIn order to test the compatibility of On Call with your system, we offer a Quick-Check program. Simply load and run. Your results will appear within minutes without cumbersome installation.

Test now free for 4 weeks!

You can test the product free of cost for four weeks right now. Secure your trial now.

100% Workforce Happiness

Customer relationships grow closer. The instantaneous availability of customer profiles allows your employees to respond with more self-assuredness, confidence, and competence. Service quality increases significantly, and, consequently, your coworkers’ sense of achievement.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Fast customer service is good customer service. Consultants can get to the point reliably and competently. Customers are happy. Satisfaction and revenue increase, as do your coworkers’ personal ambitions.

½ Minute Saved per Customer

OnCall enables easy and streamlined customer data maintenance. Your data is always up to date and it pays. Campaigns and activations can be minutely tailored to your customers’ needs.

Request Individual Offer

OnCall Phone Support Starting at €89.00 Request your OnCall offer today and take advantage of our ongoing E-Marketing Day deal with a free 4-week trial. Installation and license fees apply and depend on number of users and locations. All relevant information is included in a non-binding quote. Requirements: – Valid DataHub key – Supported DMS – Supported phone system (IP or TAPI provider connected to OnCall client) For how many users would you like to request an OnCall license? For how many locations do you want the OnCall phone support to be available? 1 Which phone system do you use?


You are operating your own phone system (incl. TAPI) or use VoIP to make phone calls. Already a VEACT customer? All you need is the VEACT DataHub. Contact customer support at  +49 (0) 89 416 158 10  or datahub@veact.net.

OnCall is delivered with an installation program. The installation routine guides you through the necessary configurations. When the necessary login information is ready, installation and a functional basic setup can be up and running in under 15 minutes. Changes to the configuration can be made at any time after initial installation.

OnCall allows you to work in different configurations. The tool covers 99.9% of individual telephony solutions on the market. Should it not run as desired right away, minor adjustments in the settings through the system administrator will usually activate the system.

After installation and configurations are completed, your employees can simply start using OnCall. Everything else happens automatically.

You can determine which employees can use OnCall in the configurations.

OnCall identifies customers by phone number. In the VEACT DataHub, the respective data set with existing customer and marketing data will pop up. Contact our support at datahub@veact.net or 89-41615810 for further information on the VEACT DataHub.

When on the phone, your employees receive key customer information directly. They can personalize their customer greeting and more detailed customer information is available per mouse click. Quality and efficiency of your customer management improve and add to your competence in the eyes of the customer.

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