Customer Recognition
The Wahl Group’s Digital Helper

Key Facts

Wahl Group employees now have a digital helper at their side when they are talking to customers on the phone: OnCall. The system identifies callers and immediately displays key customer and vehicle data. The result: consulting super powers. The conversation gets to the point quickly and consultants can assist efficiently and competently.

The Challenge

The phone rings constantly. Wahl Group employees work under maximum pressure. Especially during tire season, the phones are never quiet. Every consultant is familiar with the ensuing problems. Customers are hard to hear, the connection is not always perfect, and the reason for the call has to be figured out with much difficulty. From here, the search for customer and vehicle data only begins.

The Solution

OnCall directly connects the phone system to the VEACT DataHub. When the phone rings, a streamlined pop-up window opens up. Wahl Group employees have all the information they need directly in front of their eyes, such as name and a customer information sheet. At the same time, they can quickly access other important data on vehicle and customer history. Customers can be addressed directly and serviced to their specific needs, which increases mutual appreciation. In addition, the data set can be expanded and updated easily. Phone conversations become shorter, more efficient, and 100% stress-free.

“We’ve worked with OnCall for six months now, and what can I say? Utter and total happiness among coworkers and customers to boot!”

Andrea Kruse, Head of Business Development Center, Wahl Group.