The Growth Turbo for Your Team!
The VEACT Service League

Motivation Engine

Playing motivates. The VEACT Service League uses gamification to activate the sales turbo in your service consultants. The result: additional sales and consistent realization of sales potential.

Team Spirit

Success is no only child, which is why the VEACT Service League motivates the entire team. Coworkers compete against teams at other branches. Group achievements are the focus and build ties.

Winner Mentality

As profitability increases, a taste for winning does, too. The VEACT Service League effect is a matter of proven statistics. Everybody profits: each employee, the branch, and the entire organization. It shows in attitudes and in the bottom line.

How the VEACT Service League Works

The respective employees are registered by the organization. Service is the focus. Consultants are registered as players, team and service leaders as coaches, and directors or aftersales leaders as league presidents. The league president defines objectives, for example by designating a focus product, and is responsible for resources and incentives. The coach takes the lead on education and motivation for, both, the team and individual players. Additionally, the coach is responsible for the implementation of incentives. The league is ready to kick off! Usually, a season takes four months. Players, coaches, and president regularly receive bracket stats and detailed evaluations. Everybody stays on top of status, performance, and areas showing room for improvement. Once the season is over, incentives wait as rewards.

27% Increase in Activated Potential

You never stop learning. VEACT Service League players hone their skills as consultants on an ongoing basis. Individual performance increases. Coworkers, company, and especially customers profit.

Increase Product Sales by 63%

An oldie but goodie: well-serviced customers are happy customers, and happy customers buy more. Everybody wins and it can be measured in numbers.

100% More Motivation

Success does not like to live on its own. As long as ambition is the name of the game, everyone can continue to make gains. Growth develops into a positive habit for each individual, the team, and the entire organization.

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As a VEACT customer, you’ve already signed a data processing agreement (DPA) with us, which can be extended to the VEACT Service League. All data is secured at the highest level meeting the latest IT standards.

Each player receives an individualized weekly report and coaches receive corresponding team reports. The league president also receives a weekly overview containing evaluations and compact meta analyses.

The VEACT Service League is conceptualized to positively impact your employees. No one gets punished for dropping below performance goals, which coworkers set for themselves. Good performance is simply rewarded, not only the individual player but the entire team. It is vital to us that coaches motivate their teams and support them by providing methods that continue to lead to success.