Get Ahead of the Weather with VEACT Tire Bot

Direct Connect

Fall and spring tend to arrive suddenly. The VEACT tire change hotline communicates reminders. When it’s time for a tire change, customers receive a text message, an email, or a letter to remind them to make an appointment. The connection to the VEACT MarketingCloud provides relevant data. On the phone, customers are addressed by name and presented with an offer tailored to their vehicle.

Save the Date

The VEACT Tire Bot is a digital smart Aleck. It utilizes AI and voice recognition to function as an interface to your car service provider’s online booking system. In a dialog format, customers are offered viable dates. Alternatively, it checks the availability of customers’ appointment suggestions.

Planning Genius

Losing control over your schedule is easier than one may think. The VEACT Tire Bot makes things easy for you and your customers. Customers book their appointments directly into your appointment schedule – 24/7 and around the clock. The whole process takes two minutes. Everybody wins. Time and effort are saved and nerves spared.

How the VEACT Tire Robot Works

The VEACT Tire Bot selects matching customers from your marketing cloud, targeting those due for a tire change. What matters most to car service provider and driver is that the process works fast, simply, and seamlessly. Customers receive personalized access to a tire change hotline. Aided by AI and a smart interface in the MarketingCloud, the digital appointment assistant saves a date within two minutes. Customers receive their confirmation conveniently via text message and can transfer the date to their calendars. You benefit from reliable predictability.

90% Time Saved

The VEACT Tire Bot saves 90% of the workload attached to phone scheduling. Your appointments are simply set and you have time to take care of other business.

€10 per Customer Saved

The VEACT Tire Bot saves cash. €10 per customer, to be exact, at an hourly rate of €60 and 5 to 15 minutes for phone conversation and processing.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Nobody likes to wait. With the VEACT Tire Bot, there are no more lines for customers to hold or employees to wait for. Your customer will repay you with a happiness bonus.

Request Individual Offer

Request Individual Offer

Request your Tire Bot offer now and take advantage of scheduling via our AI.

Installation and license fees apply. All relevant information is included in a non-binding quote.

– Supported DMS
– Soft-nrg scheduling


We have already booked several hundreds of appointments successfully. Even customers with a Danish-German accent are recognized reliably by the AI (Artificial Intelligence). Roughly 87% of customers completed the dialog without follow-up questions or requiring repetitions. Unless complicated language is used or the bot is misled on purpose, it will forward you to your appointment counter staffed with human colleagues.

As a VEACT customer, you’ve already signed a data processing agreement (DPA) with us that meets the highest security standards. By extending it to the VEACT phone bot, sharing necessary information, such as customer name and license plate number, is secure. In addition, you sign a separate DPA with the phone bot provider mobilApp. All data is secured at the highest level meeting the latest IT standards.

Currently, the online schedulers by soft-nrg and Cross are available. Extensions can be implemented. Don’t hesitate to ask us. We will look into the integration of other products and only require that you already offer online appointments to your customers or would like to do so.

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